Fowler's Toad (S. Dobbyn)

The background colour varies from tan to olive green or gray.  They resemble the American Toad, but the one key difference is that the American Toad has only one wart in each dark patch, whereas the Fowler’s toad has two or three warts in each dark patch.  The males are a little smaller than the females, and they have a grayish throat because of their vocal sac, which they use to call the females during the breeding season.

Fowler’s Toads prefer open woodlands and sand dunes, and are closely associated with sandy soils.  They are often active during the day, thought in hot weather, they are mostly active during twilight and early evening.  They become dormant in early fall and emerge in late spring.

Contrary to popular belief, toads will not give you warts if you touch them.  However, you should always wash your hands before and after handling toads, as sunscreen, bug spray, and the oils from your hands can harm the toad, and they can secrets a toxic substance that you do not want getting in your eyes, mouth, or in an open cut.


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