Today’s morning hike took place at Warbler’s Way and Pony barn and had a total of 62 species. Although last nights winds were unfavourable with predominant north winds, warbler activity was better than expected around Pony barn and adjacent ponds. Of the 62 species seen this morning, a total of 12 warbler species were observed which include:
-Northern Waterthrush
-Blue-winged Warbler
-Black-and-white Warbler
-Common yellowthroat
-Magnolia Warbler
-Blackburnian Warbler
-Black-throated Green Warbler
-Black- throated Blue Warbler
-Yellow Warbler
-Chestnut-sided Warbler
-Yellow- Rumped Warbler

Other notable species seen on the hike included:

-Red Headed Woodpecker
-Yellow- throated Vireo
-Blue- headed Vireo
-Solitary Sandpiper

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Happy Birding!

– Kevin Gevaert

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