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Rondeau has 7 trails with over 30 km of beautiful scenery to hike through. Each trail offers something completely unique from the other!

The trails include:

Black Oak – (1.4km)

Black Oak trail offers a pleasant jaunt through Rondeau’s narrow strip of pine-oak savannah. Through the spring and summer, the meadows along this trial bloom with brilliant Wood Lily, Wild Columbine, and Woodland Sunflower. This is an excellent trail for watching songbirds, especially during peak migration times in the spring and fall.

Harrison – (8km one way)

This unique trail takes you right through the heart of Rondeau and its old growth Carolinian forest. Starting at the north end of Rondeau Ave, this trail winds its way through the forest until it joins up with South Point Trail. At this point, you can exit to Lakeshore Road or continue down South Point Trail for an extra long hike. This trail also has a historical significance of being the path that Thomas Harrison walked every night to illuminate the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula.

Warbler’s Way – (0.5km)

This trail is Rondeau’s newest trail, in celebration of Rondeau’s 125 anniversary! it connects rondeau road to the North end of Harrison Trail. True to the name of the trail, this is a fantastic place to see migrating warblers, vireos, and orioles! It offers a look at some of Rondeau’s interesting Fauna such as Bloodroot (Sanguinaria) and Black Walnut (juglans Nigra). You might see a lot of inanimate objects along this trail – these human made piles now act as great habitats for many of the Park’s reptiles! A little something for everyone!

Spicebush – (1.5km)

This trail begins at the corner of Bennett Ave and Rondeau Road and is a great way to explore the Carolinian forest that Rondeau is famous for. In the spring and summer, the ground is riddle with gorgeous wildflowers like Mayapples and Solomon’s Seal! Popular ferns like Maiden Hair, Broad Beech can also be found along either side of the trail; a botanist’s delight! This is easily Rondeau’s most popular walking trail, come see for yourself!

Tulip Tree – (1.4km)

This barrier free trail provides a close up look at some of Rondeau’s unique features. There are many boardwalks where you can stop to get a great look at all of the sloughs and wildlife that are found in and around them. Discover many beautiful warblers in May, the giant blooms of the Tulip Trees in June, and 5-lined skinks throughout the summer.

Southpoint Trail – (4.5km split)

There are many ways to access this trail – you may start at Lakeshore Road, Rondeau Road, or from the Visitor Centre. This is a perfect hike to see the variety of habitats of the park. Depending on where you are, you could be travelling through oak savannah, deciduous forest, or get a great view of Lake Erie. This trail weaves through Rondeau’s old, southern campground area – keep your eyes open and you might still be able to see remnants of it! Be careful when walking this trail, erosion at the tip of the peninsula has caused the connection of the west and east side of the trail to disappear into the lake splitting the trail in two.

Marsh – (7.2km one way)

Sadly, Marsh trail is closed due to flooding.

What a way to check out our marsh without getting your feet wet! This trail begins on Water Street and runs along Rondeau’s Bay, through the extensive wetland. 1km into your walk, you will come to our 2-storey viewing tower that will provide you with a true bird’s eye view of the marsh. Many species of turtles, frogs, and birds are seen along this trail, and keep your eyes open for some of our Species at Risk like the Bald Eagle and Swamp Rose Mallow.