Coyote (G. McLachlan)

Except for parts of Alaska, the tundra of northern Canada and extreme southeastern USA, coyotes are found virtually everywhere in North America. They have greatly expanded their range due to declining grey wolf numbers. Grey wolves are larger and more powerful and tend to exclude coyotes from their territory.

Coyotes are most commonly found in open forests and grasslands where they hunt small animals such as mice, vole, squirrels and birds. Coyotes generally form family-groups and tend to hunt in these packs. This allows them to split up with some chasing the prey towards others who are waiting to ambush it.

Coyotes have become so comfortable with human developments that most rural areas have become home to coyote populations. Coyotes can also breed with dogs and this makes them less afraid of humans which can often become a problem because they can kill domestic livestock. However, they seem to be able to live closely with humans without becoming a threat as they are shy animals who would prefer to avoid a confrontation with humans as wolves and humans are their only natural predator.

The success of coyote populations is due to their varied diet, early age of first breeding, flexible living requirements and high reproductive output as they can have a litter of three to ten pups in the spring.

– V. Nolan (2014)


*Gregg McLachlan is a nature photographer and entrepreneur from Norfolk County, Ontario. If you would like to see more of his amazing work, please click on the image above to be redirected to his site.

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