Red Fox (P. Manorome, 2011)

The red fox is usually seen in its red form, which is mostly red, with black feet and black tipped ears, but it can also be seen in its “cross form,” with a black marking across its shoulders and down it’s back, making a cross shape, or its “silver form,” with black hair tipped with silver.  In all colour forms, the red fox always has a large bushy tail with a white tip, which it uses for balance when running and as a cover for its face in the winter.

Although foxes are canides, like dogs and wolves, they have a very cat-like hunting style.  They crouch down and wait for the right moment to strike, and when they find the right opportunity, they jump into the air with straight legs and try to land on what they are hunting, then they stomp on the ground, trying to flatten their prey, which may include mice, voles, other small rodents, and birds.  Red foxes may also eat right out of your garbage can, as these opportunistic feeders have adapted to rural and urban landscapes.

What does the fox say? The red fox can make about 20 different sounds, from screaming during the mating season in early spring, to gekkering, a sound foxes make when they are fighting, to their alarm call, which up close sounds like a cough, but sounds like a bark from far away, used to warn other foxes of danger.  Foxes normally communicate with each other using body language, rather than vocalizations.

– A. Young (2014)

Red Fox (P. Manorome, 2011)

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