These fantastic fliers are almost 0.8 m long, with a 2 m wing span.  They have a white head and tail, a dark brown body, and yellow beak and feet.  In flight, they keep their wings fairly flat when soaring.  These Eagles mate for life and add to their huge nest every year.  At 4.5 m, the Bald Eagle’s nest is the largest nest out of all the birds’ nests in North America.

The Bald Eagle gets its name from the white feathers on its head that make it look like it has a balls head, but did you know that the young Eagles do not have white heads?  Bald Eagle’s heads do not turn white until they are 4 years old.  The immature are generally dark all over with some lighter patches as they get older, and they develop an eye stripe in their third year. The immature Bald Eagles can be mistaken for Golden Eagles, which are dark overall, except for the golden nape.

These enchanting Eagles feed on waterbirds, small mammals, and fish.  They occasionally feed on carrion, and sometimes take food from Ospreys.  When the Young are born, both the mother and farther take to feeding the babies.

Rondeau’s large lake and bay make the perfect home for Bald Eagles, as their food source is always nearby, so keep your eyes open for these amazing birds.

Bald Eagle (D. Cofell)

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