Of the 39 species of warblers on the Rondeau checklist, none is more
sought-after than the elusive Prothonotary. Early birders managed to
find one on the South Point Trail today at 6:30 am, just past the Anne
McArthur bench. Our other rare warbler, the Yellow-throated, was seen
at the Visitor Centre feeders in the “garden” at 4:30 and 6:20 pm.

Other good warblers included Blackburnian on South Point and Tulip
Tree Trails; Blackpoll on South Point Trail; Northern Waterthrush on
South Point Trail; Mourning on Maintenance Loop and South Point Trail;
Wilson’s on South Point Trail; and Canada on Tulip Tree and South
Point Trail. A female Hooded Warbler was also reported on Tulip Tree

Carolinian species feature prominently in today’s report. One of our
nesting species is the Acadian Flycatcher – one bird was found on
Tulip Tree Trail this morning at 11:00 am. Another southerner, a
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, was seen on South Point Trail. It was the first
of the season.

Shoreline birders observed 2 Least Bitterns and 1 Whimbrel flying by
the south beach.

A well-photographed Common Nighthawk was perched on a branch on South
Point Trail.

Birders and photographers are reminded that they are NOT to use
electronic playback devices to attract birds in the park. We
appreciate your cooperation. If visitors encounter problems in this
regard, please contact park staff, and wardens will be notified

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