Hello birders.

The Rondeau Visitor Centre now has a flock of interesting warblers … well,
actually a small flock … to be precise, two … Yellow-throated Warblers
are now visiting the suet feeder.  The two were seen at  the bird garden /
feeders from 8:15 to 8:30 am, and sightings continued to 12:00 noon.

The warbler of the day was a Connecticut, seen well at the Pony Barn at 9
am, and up to at least 10:40 am.   It was in the wood pile / compost pile
there.  A Kentucky was on the Tulip Tree Trail, in exactly the same spot as
last year’s.  On my bird hike, we saw a Mourning Warbler on Harrison Trail
100 m south of Bennett Road.  Another highlight was a Hooded Warbler seen on
Spicebush Trail.  One of our experienced birders (of a certain vintage –
yes, about my age) noted that there were so many Yellow Warblers yesterday
that “you could throw a hula hoop around 7 of them” on Bennett Road.

Other good warblers included Northern Parula at Pony Barn; Northern
Waterthrush on Spicebush Trail; Wilson’s at Pony Barn; and Canada on
Spicebush Trail.

Aside from warblers, other songbirds of interest included Eastern Bluebird
and Indigo Bunting at the Pony Barn; and a Lincoln’s Sparrow at the Group
Campground.  A great many thrushes have arrived, and are being seen along
all roads and trails.  The majority are Swainson’s, es expected, with good
numbers of Veerys and a few Gray-cheeked, including one at the Group

Yesterday evening on the Marsh Trail hike, we observed Sora, Sandhill Crane,
4 Great Blue Herons, displaying American Woodcock, and calling
Whip-poor-will.  The highlight was a pack of coyotes in full chorus.

Note that our trees aren’t leafed out yet, so the warblers and other birds
remain much more visible here than at locations farther inland.

We have not yet received any further reports of the Cattle Egret seen here
for the last 2 days.

On this afternoon’s hike, I will visit the Blenheim Sewage Lagoons, and I
will post our results afterwards.

I would like to thank all of the birders who have taken the time to report
their sightings to us, helping to make these Ontbirds reports as
comprehensive as possible!


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