05 Feb 2019

Art Unveiling

Join us at the Visitor Centre to meet the artist of our beautiful new painting ‘Bears Lodge – Makwa Endaad’ by artist John Williams. Refreshments will be available.

12 Nov 2017

First Nations Traditional Deer Harvest

Please see the following release from Rondeau Provincial Park concerning the upcoming traditional harvest:


Ontario Honoring Traditional Activities with First Nation Deer Harvest in
Rondeau Provincial Park, November 14, 16, 19, 21 and 23, 2017
For many First Nation communities in Ontario, participating in traditional activities
such as hunting is fundamental to the distinctive cultures of Canada's Indigenous
people. The Delaware Nation at Moraviantown has expressed an interest in
conducting a deer harvest in Rondeau Provincial Park.

The ministry also recognizes and seeks to balance the interests of the different
users of the park and local community. Working with the ministry, the Delaware
Nation at Moraviantown has agreed to carry out its harvest during prescribed
times and within the boundary of the park.
The harvest will begin one half-hour before sunrise and end one half-hour after
sunset on the scheduled harvest dates; November 14, 16, 19, 21 and 23, 2017
The harvesters will use scoped rifles during the harvest.
On the harvest dates the park will be closed under Section 8(1) (c) of Ontario
Regulation 347/07 under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act
To provide for the safety of the public, the harvesters and ministry staff, a number
of measures will be put in place:
 Buffer areas and safety zones to ensure a safe harvest.
 All harvesters will be stationary and well away from the park boundary.
 The park access points will be monitored and public access to the park will
not be allowed throughout the harvest.
 Park staff will be available on site at all times during the harvest.
 The deer will be removed from the park and all portions of the harvested
deer will be used by the First Nation community members.
To ensure a safe and humane deer harvest all First Nations harvesters will be
made aware of the terms of the harvest operations plan and safety measures
that have been developed between the ministry and the Delaware Nation at
For safety reasons, on harvest dates we ask that you do not enter the park and
that you comply with all posted notices.
If you require additional information on this First Nation deer harvest please
contact Brad Connor, Park Superintendent at (519) 674-1760 or Jason Ecker,
Assistant Park Superintendent at (519) 674-1759.

03 May 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

Yes, we love the birds, but if they aren’t exactly what comes to your mind in the Spring time, not to worry!  We still have regular programming going on throughout the month of May.   Drop by on a weekend for a wildflower hike, a night sound adventure, and many more!   If you are interested in birds however, this is the month to take advantage of!  Our songbird migration is in full force and we are offering beginner bird hikes the first three Fridays of the month.  As always, give us a call at the Visitor Centre if you have any other questions.  519-674-1768

17 Apr 2017


Come spend some time with your beautiful beach during this Shoreline Cleanup – take a few hours out of your weekend, grab some friends and help us clean Rondeau’s beaches – every little piece of plastic or garbage counts!  Search the cleanup online or get a hold of the Visitor Centre to register and find out more details!

19 Mar 2017


Spring is in the air and the songbirds are filling Rondeau’s forest with bursts of colour and song! Join us as we celebrate the annual songbird migration with daily, expert-led bird hikes, birder’s breakfast & lunch, a 24 hour ‘Big Day’ birding competition and much more! For more information please call the Visitor Centre at 519-674-1768.May Birding