Canada Goose (J. Pickering)

The Canada goose is a common sighting for many people because they can be seen across North America in nearly every state and province at some point during the year. These big honkers can be found in fields, ponds, lakes, bays, residential neighbourhoods and sometimes golf courses too. If you think you know a bit about geese here are a few beliefs you might have about these waterfowl. Canadian Geese are illegal to shoot and geese poop when flying. First off, Canada geese are legal for water fowlers to shoot and eat, a hunter is one of the best conservationists in a community! Attributing to the first myth, if Canada geese were not bagged their numbers would skyrocket and they’re already considered a nuisance at their current population levels. Secondly, Canadian geese cannot poop while flying! Unlike gulls, a goose has to be landed to excrete their waste so you only have to keep your eyes on the ground when geese are near.

There are a known 11 subspecies of Canadian geese! They look very similar but can be identified by the size and geographic area they are found in. A group of geese, also known as a flock, usually are seen flying in a V-formation which is very aerodynamic and can help them fly up to 2,400 kilometres in just 24 hours! I hope you appreciate how fascinating these common birds really are and remember you don’t have to keep your eyes on the sky for a stinky present from a Canada goose.

– J. Pickering (2014)


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